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Marmox Multibond

Marmox Multibond sealant and adhesive is made in the UK using the latest environmentally friendly technology Inert Polymer Technology (IPT) to create a 100% solvent free material with absolutely zero VOC. It is possibly the 'greenest' sealant-adhesive available having no hazardous, environmental or ecological impact. Unlike other mastics, if it gets on your hands or even clothes it can be washed away with just water without leaving a mark. Similarly it does not stain stone or ceramic tiling like conventional sealant and adhesives do. Once Multibond sets it becomes strong and fully waterproof.

Being completely solvent free, it is compatible with virtually all materials including the entire Marmox range of products. E.g. Multiboard and Showerlay360.It also has acoustic properties; therefore ideal for bonding Marmox Soundboard to the floor by reducing the transmission of impact sound.

Marmox Multibond replaces all your tubes of butyl, acrylic and silicone. It is ideal for all internal applications e.g. for sealing around shower trays and baths, around bathroom fittings, around kitchen fittings and furniture. Because the sealant is made using a different technology (IPT) to silicones and acrylics, there is no latent chemical process happening within the material that can cause it to discolour; Multibond cannot discolour - it will always stay brilliant white.

To learn more about Marmox Multibond or any of our range of products, call one of our team on 01634 835290, or get in touch through our contact form.