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Showerlay 360

A showerlay 360 bathroomEasily create a sloping wetroom floor!

Easily create a sloping wetroom floor! Showerlays are a vital part of wet room shower kit, comprising pre-sloped flooring panels with integral drainage used to create 'level access' tiled shower areas.

Complete tiled wet rooms or simple shower areas are made using the Marmox system of a Marmox Showerlay, alongside our waterproofing products, which provides the drainage area beneath the shower head and Marmox Multiboard on the walls and surrounding floor.

Showerlay and Multiboard both provide an exceptionally stable 'decoupling' substrate to tile upon. They also provide thermal insulation and are completely impermeable to water, eliminating the risk of leaks.

If you are currently thinking through wet room design ideas, Marmox Showerlay 360 could be the perfect choice.

  • Fitted with a new versatile 360 drain
  • New drain swivels through 360 degrees (allows outlet pipe to be fitted horizontal/vertical or any angle in between)
  • New flexible action offers greater flexibility to site conditions
  • High flow rate (between 30-50 litres per minute)
  • One drain fits all Showerlays
  • Conforms with European standards

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Marmox Showerlay 360 is available in many sizes and in two versions:

The 40mm thick version has a stylish brushed stainless steel linear channel drain. The 20/24mm thick version has a square brushed stainless steel drain in various locations.

The height of the point drain is adjustable by screwing in the insert holding the grate frame. Remember, the height of the grate will be slightly higher than the height of the grate frame, so this should be accounted for when considering the height of the tiles which should be flush with the top of the grate, not the grate frame.

The following Showerlay 360 sizes are available:

New universal drain

A new compact drain, at just 80mm deep with a 50mm water seal, has been developed to work with both our Showerlay bases. The gully can be adjusted to make the outlet pipe horizontal, vertical or any angle in between. Depending on the angle of the outlet pipe, the flow rate is 30 to 50 litres per minute. The versatility of this product makes it a valuable part of any wet room kit.

NBS Specification (including BIM)