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Sloping Board

For self-draining tiled areas such as balconies or wetrooms

When thinking about finishing a balcony or designing a wet room, one of the key considerations is ensuring the area has proper drainage and is built to last. This is where Marmox Sloping Boards can help.

Our Sloping Boards are made from the same waterproofing products as Multiboard - thermally insulating XPS sandwiched between two layers of our patented polymer-concrete. The boards have undergone rigorous tests to ensure they are suitable for external use so can be used on the most exposed balconies as well as inside a wet room.

The board is made in just one size, 1200 x 1200mm. The thickness of one edge is 33mm and this slopes down to 10mm at the opposite edge. They can be combined with 20mm thick Marmox Multiboard to extend the slope indefinitely.


• Tileable balconies

• Tiled areas where a gentle slope is required

• Wetrooms with channel drainage against the wall


Decoupling and Waterproofing

External balconies are subject to extremes of temperature fluctuation. Tiling these areas can be difficult as the substrate expands and contracts with the temperature, which can lead to tiles cracking. Marmox Sloping Board absorbs a large amount of the lateral movement in the sub-floor, making tiling a balcony a safer prospect.

Like all Marmox Multiboard, Sloping Board is completely impermeable to water and so if carried out to Marmox’s instructions, using our waterproofing products, a guaranteed leak-free balcony can be tiled above a habitable space.

If you would like to learn more about our Sloping Boards and all of our waterproofing products, sound absorption products and general drylining products then call us today on 01634 835290, or speak with one of our experts through our contact form.