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Reliable Impact Sound Reduction Products in Kent

Impact sound reduction products will lower noise complaints in flats and homes across the UK.

If a flat has a hard floor, sound will travel down through it and be extremely loud for anyone living below. This is also the case in homes with more than one level, leaving the person in the room below annoyed and frustrated at the loud noise coming from above. Impact sound reduction products are extremely useful, but many builders and architects forget to add them to the buildings that they design and construct, leaving owners unhappy and landlords receiving constant complaints. Improve your customers' day to day lives by adding impact sound reduction products to your next build and make sure to get the very best from Marmox.

Marmox Soundboard is the perfect solution to impact sound woes, ensuring that all sound is caught in the room above and won't travel to the room below. Impact sound reduction products are becoming more and more popular in new builds and are a must for any blocks of flats.

To find out more about our impact sound reduction products, or any of our products and how you will be able to implement them into your work, then call today on 01634 835290, or get in touch with us through our contact form to send us a message and discuss your business' requirements with us.

40 years' experience in impact sound reduction

With the Marmox Soundboard you will be able to install impact sound reduction panels for wood and laminate floors as well as tiled floors, reducing footfall sound as well as waterproofing, decoupling and providing thermal insulation for the room above. This is a small addition to a property that will reduce noise complains as well as lower energy bills paid due to heat loss. Marmox's impact sound reduction boards also prevent tiles from cracking due to movement across them, adding yet another benefit to a simple Soundboard introduced to the building's architectural plans.

Impact sound reduction products remove the issue of tenants complaining to landlords, saving time, effort and pain along the road. Not only do our impact sound reduction products reduce the sound that travels through floors, but Marmox Soundboards also reduce the amount of heat that is lost, too. This will lower energy bills, meaning that not only will tenants not be bothered by sound travelling, but they will be happy that they are paying less per month as well.

If you are looking to refurbish a block of flats, or your home, it would be a good idea to think about Marmox Soundboards to be added to any rooms that are not on the ground floor. Discuss your requirements with one of our team members today and we will happily walk you through everything our impact sound reduction products will do to save you money.

Improving the lives of your customers across the UK

Based in Chatham, we offer impact sound reduction products to builders, architects, landlords and professionals in the industry to help improve the living arrangements for their customers in flats and other shared accommodation, as well as homeowners in houses with more than one floor. We ship our products across Kent, London and the UK, enabling a range of companies and customers access to our impact sound reduction, wet room and shower tray products.

If you would like to learn more about our impact sound reduction products, then call us today on 01634 835290, or visit our contact page to speak to one of our professional team members about your business' requirements. Impact sound reduction products are extremely helpful in reducing noise complaints from tenants, as well as creating a nicer atmosphere, so make sure you use Marmox's Soundboard for your next build or refurbishment.