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London's Leading Impact Sound Reduction Products

Installing impact sound reduction products in your flat will keep you and the people living below you very happy.

When leasing, renting or buying a flat of your own, you want to ensure there is as little sound coming from other flats as possible; this includes the flats above you. If you are building and designing a new block of flats, you will want to keep your tenants in mind and install one of our impact sound reduction products. With over 40 years' experience in designing and manufacturing construction items, we understand the industry and how to create high quality and long-lasting impact sound reduction products that will continue to work for years to come.

This is highly important in cities such as London, where blocks of flats are more prevalent and people are living closer together. Impact sound reduction products ensures that tenants living above and below one another will have less issues with noise travelling from one floor to the other.

To find out more about our impact sound reduction products, then call today on 01634 835290, or get in touch with us by sending a message through our contact form to discuss your unique requirements with a member of our team.

Impact sound reduction products will improve tenants' lives

Impact sound reduction products are extremely important when planning the building of any building that will have levels. Excessive noise is a serious complaint and could result in major issues from tenants; this is something that can easily be avoided. Making sure you have the correct products installed in your house complex will mean that you will be able to improve the lives of tenants.

It's always important to keep tenants happy and noise complaints are usually difficult to deal with; mediating issues between tenants that could be solved with impact sound reduction products during the construction of the flats.

Our impact sound reduction products are multi-functional, meaning that they not only offer fantastic excess sound prevention, but also offer high levels of thermal insulation, decreasing heating bills and improving the building's energy efficiency. Not only will these products stop residents from complaining about the noise levels in adjacent flats, it will also reduce their outgoings considerably.

Reliable impact sound reduction products supplied across London

Our Marmox Soundboard is the perfect addition to any home or block of flats, added to floors to ensure the reduction of impact sound above and below.  Based in Chatham, Kent, we offer impact sound reduction products for a wide range of customers in the architecture and building industries across London, Chatham, Kent and the rest of the UK. If you would like to learn more about or impact sound reduction products, or any of the products and equipment we sell, then call us today on 01634 835290, or visit our contact page to discuss your requirements and product needs with our experienced and helpful team.