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Attic 'best place to add thermal insulation'

The attic space is the most important place to install thermal insulation, homeowners have been advised.

Curtis Maxwell described in a programme for US NewsChannel Four how adequately lagging a property can prevent heat loss and reduce energy consumption, KFOR TV reports.

Using an infrared camera, he assessed a house to see how much warmth it was losing and where from.

Talking to the homeowners, Mr Maxwell said: "We could add insulation to the attic, because 90 percent of your energy goes through the attic."

He suggested laying nine inches of thermal insulation to the inner roof section of the property, in order to maintain heat.

By investing in layers of wadding the couple were told they could save money in the long term as they would require less energy to keep their home at an even temperature.

In a recent article for the St Thomas Times-Journal, it was suggested adding attic insulation to a property is a "positive step" towards making a home greener.