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Autumn 'perfect time for installing thermal insulation'

Now is the ideal time to check whether a home has adequate heating insulation, according to one commentator.

In an article for Helium, Lenna Gonya gave people tips about how to prepare their home for cold weather.

She encouraged readers to have a look in their attic and evaluate the standard of their thermal insulation.

"Summer and fall are good times to plan ahead for those cold winter days and fix some problems while the weather is still warm," the writer advised.

Preparing a home for low temperatures can help keep the property in good working order and benefit those living under its roof, Ms Gonya added.

It was suggested that poor maintenance could compromise health and safety as insulation is a factor that "affects every home".

The Seattle Times recently recommended checking dry lining insulation when carrying out household repairs, in particular around the entrance to a loft space.