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Cashback for insulation increases

The government has announced that a scheme to provide cash back to households who implement green energy initiatives has been extended.

Under the new legislation, homeowners who install solid wall insulation will be able to claim £4,000 back from the state.

This figure was previously just £650, while people can also claim £250 on cavity wall insulation, £150 on loft insulation and £50 on draught-proofing.

Neil Marshall, chief executive of the National Insulation Association, said: "The NIA welcomes these changes to the cash-back scheme which will enable many more households to reduce their energy bills through installing insulation measures."

He added that £460 can be saved by households through the installation of solid wall insulation, while cavity wall insulation will prevent £250 per year from being spent.

Those who wish to apply for cash back previously had to meet a deadline on March 31st, but that has now been pushed back to June 30th.

Posted by Simon Webster