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Heating insulation 'can help reduce business taxes'

Businesses have been advised that now is the time to look into thermal insulation, as energy prices are at an "all-time historical high". Director specialist at Dr Paula Owen explained that reducing fuel bills is set to be a key focus for firms and individuals in... More >

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E.ON extends free thermal insulation scheme

E.ON has launched a new initiative designed to encourage homeowners to invest in cavity wall insulation and standard loft lagging. Under the scheme, anyone in receipt of Child Tax Credit who has an annual household income of less than £16,190 or who is claiming Pension Credit will be... More >

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MP urges Scots to sign up for heating insulation schemes

Residents in Scotland have been urged to take advantage of energy helplines, as they may be eligible for funding for heating insulation. In an interview with the Brechin Advertiser, Angus MP Mike Weir explained how experts can help advise people what they are entitled to and how they can cut their... More >

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New Elmet homes have wall insulation

Roof and wall insulation are two of the energy efficiency features of the properties at a new housing estate in Elmet. Redrow Homes has constructed the domiciles at Saxon Court in Sherburn, which also feature ground insulation, which can keep the floors warm. Other additions to the premises include... More >

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RHI tariffs 'pay for under floor heating'

Under floor heating is being generated with renewable energy in Penistone. Sheffield-based firm Booth Brothers is utilising a heat pump to warm its offices and has become one of the first places to benefit from the UK government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The building to be warmed used... More >

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Wyre Council reveals cavity wall insulation scheme

Cavity wall insulation and thermal insulation in loft spaces is being offered to homeowners in Wyre for free. The council has struck a deal with a major power firm and HIS Energy to provide this renovation, which could save households up to £270 every year through reduced heating... More >

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Wall insulation schemes open for Cheshire West and Chester residents

Loft and cavity wall insulation is being offered to constituents of the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral and Cheshire West and Chester Council, which are providing interest-free loans to private landlords and homeowners to fund sustainability upgrades. As well as these thermal insulation measures,... More >

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WWF: Fit thermal insulation to improve the planet

Thermal insulation should be fitted in people's loft spaces as part of a new year's resolution to save the planet. This is according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which argued if everyone in Northern Ireland did this, the nation's carbon footprint would be cut by at least three... More >

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Wall insulation news: Welsh government pledges to make new homes efficient

Dry lining insulation and other sustainability features could become more commonplace in houses in Wales, as the Welsh government has taken responsibility for building regulations from Westminster. Environment minister John Griffiths said that "one of our first actions will be to raise energy... More >

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Fitting thermal insulation 'should be resolution for 2012'

Homeowners should resolve to fit thermal insulation in their homes for the new year. This is according to housing minister for the Scottish government Keith Brown, who urged members of the public to contact the Home Energy Scotland Hotline on 0800 512 012 to reduce the cost of heating their homes,... More >

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