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Green energy production up by a fifth

Production of energy from renewable sources, such as wind and tidal power, increased by 20 per cent during 2012. This is according to a new government report which states that renewables now make up 4.1 per cent of the UK's energy mix, a rise from 3.8 per cent in 2011. Due to 2012's cold... More >

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Runcorn tower blocks fitted with insulation

Residents in two blocks of flats in Runcorn, Cheshire are set to enjoy lower energy bills thanks to them being given new boilers and external insulation. The £370,000 project was operated by Halton Housing Trust thanks to a partier grant from energy firm EDF. William Askew, a surveyor for the... More >

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Could giant batteries change the UK's energy usage?

The UK could save upwards of £3 billion each year if a battery system which can store energy was developed, researchers at the Imperial College London have said. A trial run on the proposal is due to take place in Leighton Buzzard and if successful it could radically change the way the... More >


Increased transparency won't help those in fuel poverty, says CAB

The Citizens Advice Bureau has said that consumers should not pin all their hopes on increased transparency in the energy market. Gillian Guy, the charity's chief executive, said that more 91,000 people visited the bureau with energy debt problems last year and more clarity on how firms make... More >

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Energy bills likely to rise again this winter

Centrica, the parent company of British Gas, has warned that energy bills are likely to rise again this winter. Finance director Nick Luff said the company is doing all it can to keep bills in check but outside forces are putting "upward pressure on costs" and increased tariff charges are... More >

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Nuisance insulation calls to be investigated

The telephone regulator Ofcom and the Information Commissioner's Office have said will be looking at the effectiveness of the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) due to an increasing number of people complaining about nuisance calls, including a number offering insulation services. Set up 14... More >

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EDF announces huge profits

At a time when thousands of UK consumers are struggling with the rising cost of heating their homes, energy supplier EDF has announced that it made an operating profit of £903 million for the first six months of this year. Greater demand for power during the colder months allowed the French... More >

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Ofgem needs to "use its teeth" and get tough on energy firms, say MPs

The energy regulator Ofgem needs to do more to ensure that energy suppliers are more clear and transparent when it comes to their annual profits. This is the view of MPs in a new Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECCC) report. It claims that the regulator is too soft on energy firms and is doing... More >

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Free insulation offered to Derbyshire Dales residents

Derbyshire Dales District Council is launching a scheme which aims to help people living in properties which are difficult to insulate or have a great financial need. With temperatures soaring, insulation may be the last thing on the minds of many, but the council states this is the perfect time of... More >

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Government wants to take Green Deal door to door

The government is going to send teams of insulation experts around homes in an attempt to drive interest in its Green Deal. Official figures show that just four properties have completed Green Deal plans and only 240 are in the process of financing their loans. This is despite more than 40,000... More >


Free insulation offered to Midlands villagers

Homeowners in three Northampton villages are being offered the chance to have external wall insulation fitted for free. Some 20 houses in Crick, Yelvertoft and Lilbourne have solid walls so cannot have cavity insulation installed. However, as part of a scheme offered by Rockwarm and Scottish Power,... More >

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Shale gas tax cut will keep bills low, claims Osborne

The government's decision to slash tax rates for companies which produce shale gas will help to keep energy bills down, chancellor George Osborne claims. Last week, the coalition announced that the tax on the controversial method energy industry would be reduced from 62 per cent to 30 per... More >

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Brits are baffled by energy bills

More than eight in ten homeowners could be paying too much for their energy because they simply cannot understand the massive amount of jargon written on their bills. A study conducted by price comparison firm found that 86 per cent of families are baffled by statements and would... More >

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Huhne criticises government's handling of the Green Deal

The government's Green Deal is being undermined by the Treasury, claims disgraced former energy secretary Chris Huhne. Speaking to Responding to Climate Change, the 59-year-old said the government isn't doing enough to promote the programme because of "ideological issues" within... More >

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E.ON teaches insulation benefits to 400 school pupils

Energy firm E.ON has been teaching pupils from 15 Coventry schools about the benefits of sustainability. The 'Insulation Challenge' was rolled out to 400 children aged between nine and 11 during workshops held at Coombe Abbey Country Park where participants were... More >

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Eight in ten people concerned about energy bills

More than eight in ten consumers are worried about the cost of energy, a survey funded by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) has found. Carried out by a team from the Universities of Cardiff and Nottingham, the research found that 83 per cent of Brits feel that gas and electricity could become... More >

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Energy prices to rise by nearly 20 per cent in next seven years

The average British household will see its annual energy bill rise by £240 within the next seven year. According to energy supplier RWE npower, the average annual bill for all properties will jump to £1,487 by 2020, a rise of 19.3 per cent. The firm says that this is partly due to... More >

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Energy secretary slams lobby group over green tax claims

Energy secretary Ed Davey has rubbished claims that the green measures could mean consumers have to shell out up to £2,000 a year more for their energy. The figure was published last week by the Taxpayer's Alliance, who said that current spending on efficiency schemes such as wind and... More >

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British Gas moves to simplify energy bills

Energy supplier British Gas has pledged to simplify its bills by reducing its number of its standing charges from eight to one. The energy regulator Ofgem has ordered firms to make their tariffs easier to understand so that customers can more easily work out what is the best deal for... More >

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Green measures to increase energy bills greatly

Homeowners will see £620 of their annual energy bill costs going towards green charges by 2020, the Taxpayers' Alliance has claimed. The coalition government has stated several times that the cost of implementing green energy production measures will not severely hit the pockets of... More >

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Efficiency could save Scottish households £1bn

Scottish households are set to see their energy bills reduced by over £1 billion a year thanks to increased investment from the country's government. In a new report, the Scottish government sets out plans to spend £80 million on initiatives which will increase efficiency and lower... More >

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Those with efficient homes should pay less tax, says building council

Householders who improve the efficiency of their properties should benefit from additional tax breaks, claims one public body. In recent months there has been numerous stories of how the government's Green Deal is failing to capture the public's imagination and sign-ups are much lower than... More >

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£5.3m insulation project to start in Leicestershire

Social housing tenants in part of Leicestershire will soon be able to save as much as £450 a year on their energy bills thanks to a £5.3 million improvement project beginning this month. Charnwood Borough Council will install free external wall insulation in around 650 properties thanks... More >

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St Helens people wasting over £600 each due to poor insulation

Homeowners in St Helens lose more than £18 million a year because they have inadequate insulation, according to a new report. Studies by the Energy Response Force found that of 79,401 properties in the area, 58,250 could be losing money because of heat escaping. Steven Heath, the body's... More >

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Energy bills pushed up by green taxes

A new report has claimed green taxes are adding extra money on to the energy bills paid by members of the public. Research carried out by the Taxpayers' Alliance shows government subsidies for green energy sources like wind turbines are forcing up energy bills. It was claimed by the body that... More >

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Pilates studio in central London installs new showers

Ten Pilates, a chain of high-end pilates studios in London has opened its fifth location, this one in Hatton Garden.   The company is known for offering a dynamic and energising exercise programme and takes pride in maintaining modern facilities with high-end fittings.   As part of its... More >


What are the benefits of under floor heating?

Although July may have arrived with more of a fizzle than a bang, the weather experts are promising that the temperatures should be on the rise any day now. That means we can plan for summer activities like barbeques, trips to the seaside and maybe even some home renovation.   That last one... More >

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Top tips for reducing energy bills

With figures from the Office for Budget Responsibility suggesting that we can expect energy bills to rise by seven per cent this winter and three per cent the next, it's clear that the cost of keeping warm in the winter is only going to keep going up.   However, there are a number of... More >

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How to install a wet room

In recent years, wet rooms have become a favourite alternative to traditional bathrooms, and with their modern design, streamlined appearance and ease of access, it's easy to see why they've become so popular.   Unlike a standard bathroom, where a bath or shower tray is used to catch... More >

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