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Inefficient energy practices 'putting firms at financial risk'

Businesses are being warned they need to brush up on their energy efficiency, or risk running themselves into financial ruin. International certification body BM TRADA has suggested that organisations need to change their stance on green policies, with increasing gas and electricity bills, and... More >

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Councils urged to share best energy efficiency practices

Local council officials have gathered in London to try to improve the way they tackle improving their region's energy efficiency. The event - organised by Danish provider DONG Energy - is the first of two workshops being held as part of the company's sponsorship of the LGC Awards'... More >

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Energy efficiency being used to help unemployed people

A new initiative is working to support and train unemployed people to help communities become more aware of how they can reduce their energy bills. The Achieve project was originally introduced in Germany around five years ago as a way of relieving the pressure on the state, which is responsible... More >

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npower meets energy efficiency targets early

With many power companies calling on their customers to take steps to reduce their energy consumption through measures like smart meters and installing wall insulation, one provider appears to be leading by example. npower has been sharing its best practice advice with consumers after revealing it... More >

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EU considers 2030 energy targets

New targets for energy efficiency could be put in place in the European Union (EU), with member states expected to reach them by 2030. According to Business Green, the European Commission (EC) is considering introducing the new aims to boost the region's energy security, with an influencing... More >

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Green Deals 'on the up'

The rate of energy-efficient home improvements being completed as a result of financial backing from the government's Green Deal scheme is increasing, according to the latest figures. A number of measures are available to households wanting to reduce the amount of heat escaping their properties... More >

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Technology encouraging households to 'get smarter with energy'

A household's energy bill could potentially be based around whether its consumption of gas electricity takes place during on or off-peak hours. That's according The Economist, which is reporting volunteers are currently testing a new tariff that works by increasing the price of power when... More >

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FSB: Small businesses struggling with energy costs

The energy market is "unfair" and suppliers don't care about the needs of small enterprises, according to the findings of new research. Around 1,400 members of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) were quizzed on their views regarding how they pay their gas and electricity... More >

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Energy prices 'can fluctuate depending on location'

Many families across the UK are paying more for the gas and electricity than they need to simply because of where they live, a new survey has found. The Daily Mail reports some customers were paying more than others despite them both being on the same tariff, with energy firms claiming it costs... More >

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UK 'losing out on £7.6bn in energy-saving opportunities'

UK households are failing to take advantage of a number of measures to lower their energy bills, resulting in a loss of approximately £7.6 billion, according to a new report. Research carried out by the industry regulator Ofgem has revealed those who have never switched their supplier could... More >

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Free insulation a possibility for fracking households

A shale gas exploration firm is considering the possibility of offering homes located near to its fracking sites free insulation as part of a community benefits scheme. According to the Telegraph, IGas is currently consulting local councils about how previously-promised cash in exchange for access... More >

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£34.3bn spent on energy in 2013

The poorest households in the UK are continuing to struggle to pay the rising cost of gas and electricity, according to a new report. Labour MP Frank Field has led a cross-party study into the issue, revealing that families spent £34.3 billion on energy last year. As a result, more people are... More >

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UK 'needs to be more energy sustainable'

The UK has been warned it needs to learn to be more savvy with its energy consumption and rely less heavily on Eastern Europe for power. A report launched by the Global Sustainability Institute (GSI), carried out at Anglia Ruskin University, reckons the country has just five years worth of oil, gas... More >

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Green Deal 'expected to create more interest in training courses'

The government's funding programme to encourage more people to install energy-saving measures in their properties is forecast to lead to a flurry of tradespeople looking to up-skill. According to the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies, demand for its training courses is... More >

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Yorkshire homes set to benefit from Green Deal

Hundreds of homes in Leeds are set to benefit from government money to upgrade their properties so they are more energy efficient. Around 400 households will receive a share of £2.37 million given to Leeds City Council in the form of eco-friendly improvements. The authority will particularly... More >

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Energy efficiency the subject for new engineer course

In a move to try to make homes in a London borough more energy efficient, a local training centre has launched a new course to teach tradespeople how to put the theory behind the technology into practice. The Bromley Training and Assessment Centre is now offering places on its Energy Efficiency... More >

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An energy-efficient future?

When it comes to investing in energy-saving measures, half the battle is figuring out whether or not the expenditure will actually pay off over the years. It's something that can often be hard to judge in real terms. While we often hear how X home improvement will save Y amount from your energy... More >

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Over 350 historic homes to receive insulation upgrades

More than 350 houses in a London borough are set to have their insulation provisions upgraded over the summer. Inside Housing reports the Clapham properties - which are designed differently from standard buildings in the area - have been given the green light for the improvements to take place,... More >

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UK companies 'becoming more green-savvy'

Businesses across the UK appear to finally be wising up to the latest ways they can cut down their energy bills using green technology. The BBC reports many firms across the country now see adopting environmentally-friendly policies as a key part of their survival strategies, as well as their way... More >

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Global clean energy 'will cost $44tn'

Around $44 trillion (£26.07 trillion) of investment is needed to ensure every country in the world reaches its carbon reduction target by 2050, according to new figures. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has estimated the amount has increased from the $36 trillion it forecast in 2012.... More >

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CAB calls on npower to up its game

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has called on energy supplier npower to do more to support its customers who are struggling with the issue of fuel poverty. According to a new study led by the organisation, npower received more complaints than any other large supplier last year, with the company... More >

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Community green energy projects 'not taken seriously'

The government needs to do more to support community-led green energy initiatives, according to a new report. It has been suggested by the University of East Anglia (UEA) that schemes like locally-owned solar panels, hydro-electricity generators and power saving projects could significantly impact... More >

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Govt reveals new Green Deal incentives

Homeowners in England and Wales will be eligible to receive up to £7,600 in government funding to help them make their homes more energy efficient. Under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, people can apply for work to be done on their property that includes the installation of solid wall... More >

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NEA slams Green Deal

The government's Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has been criticised by the UK's leading fuel poverty charity, National Energy Action (NEA). In a statement, it commented how the new incentives - revealed on May 7th - have "dashed hopes" the scheme would prioritise the wellbeing... More >

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North/south divide revealed when it comes to home insulation

While England's north/south divide is certainly not a new phenomenon, new research has suggested there is a distinct gap between the two regions when it comes to energy efficiency levels in their homes. However, while it is usually the south that is recognised to have the upper hand, the... More >

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British Gas claims energy bills are too high

It has been forecast that UK residents will end up paying £4.2 billion too much on energy across the next eight years, according to British Gas. The supplier has suggested the reason for this is that network firms - those responsible for the pipelines that supply properties with their gas and... More >

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UK energy prices 'among the lowest in Europe'

Households in the UK pay less for their gas and electricity than the majority of countries in Europe, according to a new report. Thinktank VaasaETT Global Energy has revealed that British consumers are charged - on average - 19.31 Euro cents per kWh, which is significantly lower than the 31.07 Euro... More >

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UK energy prices 'too cheap', says study

It has been suggested that energy in the UK is too "cheap", resulting in high levels of wastage. A study by researchers at Newcastle University has found a large proportion of the population does not pay a high enough price for their power supply - resulting in them falling into bad... More >

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Three-quarters of Brits want more energy sector regulation

The number of people who trust the UK's energy sector has fallen to just 31 per cent, new data shows. Figures from Edelman's 2014 Trust Barometer show that the industry is now the least trusted in the country, even behind banking. However, consumers are calling for further government... More >

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Business leaders 'unsure of company energy spend'

More than 70 per cent of business leaders in the UK do not know how much their company spends on electricity, according to a new survey. This figure has come from Westinghouse Solar, which found that 73 per cent of directors, chief executive officers and financial managers have no idea what their... More >

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