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Treasury holds consultation on business energy efficiency tax

Following the chancellor's summer budget, the government has carried out a consultation aiming to find evidence and set out policy proposals for supporting the government's objectives around simplicity, productivity, security of energy supplies and decarbonisation of UK... More >

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Energy efficiency: what to expect in 2016

Following the recent announcement that the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) had been axed, many have been left wondering what to expect for energy efficiency in the future - particularly, funding for schemes to improve the efficiency of the UK's housing stock. Scrapping the... More >

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26 installation companies sign up to Affordable Warmth Scheme

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council has announced that 26 local installation companies have signed up to be part of its Affordable Warmth Scheme. They will work together to carry out energy efficiency and heating system works in a bid to help tackle fuel poverty.  The... More >

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Lichfield Memorial Hall gets funding boost for efficiency scheme

The Martin Heath Memorial Hall in Lichfield has secured a £1,980 community grant to help improve the building's energy efficiency. A recent audit of the building identified a number of measures that were necessary to make the building more efficient. One of the main recommendations was to... More >

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More than 200 households sign up for insulation deal in Worcestershire

More than 200 households in Worcestershire have signed up to a £3.6 million council project to improve their thermal insulation and increase their energy efficiency. According to a report on the success of County Hall's Green Deal Communities fund, 221 residents have signed up for the... More >


Fuel Poverty Task Force launched

A new task force has been established to help people keep their homes warm. Called the Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force, the group had its inaugural meeting in Inverness last month and it will be spending the next year exploring the issues faced by those in fuel poverty. The investigation... More >

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Housing estate redevelopment in Wales wins environmental award

A housing development in Llysfaen has become the first in Wales to receive a coveted environmental award.​ Previously, the estate was blighted by anti-social behaviour and drug abuse - but the renovation has created a pleasant atmosphere with open green spaces - plus the homes have also received... More >

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Energy efficiency funding to help higher education save money and carbon

The National Insulation Association (NIA) has welcomed the recent news that £29 million in funding is now available for energy efficiency projects in higher education facilities. Provided through the Revolving Green Fund, the money can be used for a wide range of efficiency measures - such as... More >

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Homeowners should be offered low-interest loans for efficiency improvements

Homeowners should be offered low-interest loans to help them pay for energy efficiency improvements to their homes. That's the recommendation from independent thinktank ResPublica. The group works to establish new economic, social and cultural settlement for the UK. Its latest report, called... More >

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Energy efficiency could boost economy by £8.7 billion

If the UK invested in making homes more energy efficient, it could give the economy a boost of £8.7 billion, according to recent research. In a study commissioned by E3, Frontier Economics suggested that an ambitious energy efficiency programme could help the economy, as well as reducing gas... More >

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Energy efficiency project announced in Forth

A housing association in the South Lanarkshire town of Forth will be undergoing a major energy efficiency project that will help customers save on their heating bills. The scheme at the Melville Housing Association will begin this autumn and will include a number of improvement works, such as the... More >

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£500k refurbishment project transforms homes in York

The completion of a £500,000 refurbishment project at a housing development in York was celebrated last month with a special event for residents - which included a trombone lesson for 93-year-old Jessie Hall. Ms Hall celebrated her birthday, as well as the completion of the project, with... More >

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Does improved efficiency lead to fewer tenants going into arrears?

A new study has been launched to find out if having a more energy efficient home leads to fewer tenants going into arrears. The research is being undertaken by Sustainable Homes, a company which provides sustainability consultancy and training services. According to the company, there is already a... More >

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Warmer Homes Scotland initiative launched

Last week, Nicola Sturgeon announced a new £224 million national drive to help thousands of Scots heat their homes. The new Warmer Homes Scotland initiative has been launched to help as many as 28,000 people stay warm and reduce fuel poverty over the next seven years. It will involve the... More >

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Efficiency project launched in Southampton

An energy efficiency project is set to cut energy costs for more than 1,500 homes. The £27 million citywide project is being delivered as a partnership between Southampton City Council and British Gas as part of the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO). It is a continuation of the recent... More >

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Academics suggest green home owners should get better mortgages

Energy academics at University College London (UCL) say those buying energy-efficient homes should get bigger and cheaper mortgages than if they had purchased a badly-insulated or draughty home. These experts believe they have uncovered an anomaly in the way banks assess a borrower's ability to... More >

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£5 million project in Paisley to reduce risk of fuel poverty

A £5 million project in Renfrewshire will improve the energy efficiency of hundreds of homes in Scotland and help tackle fuel poverty in the region. Work is already underway in Paisley, a town just south of Glasgow. The first phase will involve more than 700 homes in the Gallowhill... More >

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