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India develops boobytrap-safe army/police boots using insulation materials

Insulation materials have a wide variety of applications, mostly in the building sector. In the few instances that insulation is used in other industries, its application tends to be highly innovative. Shoe manufacturers working on army commissions are one example here. Soldiers of any nation... More >

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Growth expected for global spray polyurethane foam market

The global spray polyurethane foam market is forecast to expand at a compounded annual growth rate of seven per cent in the years up to 2019, according to a recently released report by Transparency Market Research (TMR). The research firm predicts that by 2020, the global spray polyurethane foam... More >

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New energy efficiency scheme will damage fuel poverty targets

A new energy efficiency scheme announced by chancellor George Osborne last month has had a backlash from campaigners. Mr Osborne said that the scheme would help to cut an average of £30 a year from the bills of 24 million households. Citizens Advice has warned, however, that poorer households ... More >

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Insulation products with identical R-values can vary in performance

The different materials that are used in insulation products can have a profound impact upon their efficiency under different climate conditions. Experts say that two materials of the same R-value might result in varying performances. A recent article that appeared in Australia’s building... More >

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Badly insulated homes can be life-threatening, says charity

Homes that are badly insulated are not only a nuisance to their occupants; they’re life threateningly dangerous to the weak and the elderly. An exclusive report by the charity Age UK obtained by the Observer estimates that one person will die every seven minutes from the cold in the UK in the... More >

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What public funds are available to help bring down your energy bills?

Many UK households are entitled to support and advice to help reduce their energy and gas bills. In response to the repeated media reports about available public funds worth millions failing to reach the right people, we have compiled a list of the various help schemes currently around. Where... More >


Private landlords renting out badly insulated homes face penalties in 2018

Recently published figures show that the majority of dwellings with low energy performance ratings are privately owned or homes rented in the private sector. The cold homes are twice as likely to be located in rural regions than urban areas. Commercial and residential landlords in England and Wales... More >

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Window shutters provide high levels of thermal insulation

People who are insulating their homes but are getting stuck with the windows now no longer need despair. Whereas glass has about the least potential in terms of insulating qualities, shutters do a lot better in their ability to control the amount of heat in a home. The thermal performance of French... More >

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Building sector needs to ramp up innovation

Innovation in the construction industry is rife and it seems like every week new materials are introduced. But a recent study shows that the speed of innovation within the sector is nowhere near it could be - and convincing architects and homeowners of the merits of new building materials presents... More >

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More than 50 per cent of all electricity generated on the grid is wasted

The environmental group Greenpeace has put out a report with figures revealing how much energy is wasted due to poor insulation and energy transmission lines. The organisation claims UK homes are the least energy-efficient in Europe. "We're wasting so much energy that we're borderline... More >

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