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Estate in Enfield sees efficiency improvements

A variety of energy efficiency improvements have been installed at an estate in Enfield. The the first phase of the project was completed by the Lawtech Group, a national housing contractor. Its aim was to bring the homes on Exeter Road and Beaconsfield Road up to the highest standards, making... More >

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The importance of reducing noise

It's hard to escape noise. For city dwellers, external noise from traffic, local businesses and neighbours is a fact of life, while those living in more rural locations are likely to regularly hear sounds like farm equipment and animals. While all of these sounds are part of everyday life and... More >

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Intensive care units need to find ways to reduce noise

If you've ever spent the night in a hospital bed, you know how noisy a ward can be. There's the noise from your fellow patients, the sounds of doctors and nurses checking in and discussing care options, and all the various beeps and alarms from medical equipment. All of this can... More >

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Expert says scrapping zero-carbon homes scheme will be a mistake

Fuel poverty is a major problem in the UK. While rising energy prices certainly contribute to the problem, the poor energy performance of the country's existing housing stock is a much bigger issue. Despite colder temperatures in Scandanavia and some parts of Europe, those countries have... More >

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Is the UK doing enough to eradicate fuel poverty?

A new report has highlighted key failings in the UK's efforts to deal with fuel poverty. Every year, the National Energy Action (NEA) and Energy Action Scotland (EAS) produce the UK Fuel Poverty Monitor. The latest edition was published following the elections in May and highlights... More >

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Affordable homes in Devon development require no heating

An affordable housing scheme in Exeter has exceeded expectations for being environmentally friendly. The development, which was designed to use a combination of natural materials and sustainable technology, was built to passive house standard and it turns out that residents are saving even more... More >

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Builders create wet room for young girl with rare genetic disorder

For many of us, a wet room is a luxurious option for a bathroom, making the space feel bright and airy and giving it a spa-like atmosphere. But a wet room design is also a practical choice for people with limited mobility. Recently, a family in Glasgow was treated to a new wet room by a... More >


May 23-28th is Noise Action Awareness Week

We all need a bit of quiet time now and again, but in today's world full of traffic, mobile phones and piped-in music, it's sometimes hard to find a place that isn't full of noise. That's why Environmental Protection UK has coordinated Noise Action Week, providing an... More >

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Lincolnshire College building receives award

A building at Oxford University's Lincoln College has received a prestigious award for conservation, thanks to the excellent work carried out during refurbishment and expansion. The Berrow Foundation Building dates from 1906. Over the years, its Victorian design had lost many of unique details... More >


Derbyshire leisure centre gets wetroom-style makeover for changing areas

Wet-room style facilities are ideal for locations where mobility and access are of concern. They're also a great choice for public areas where a modern, streamlined look is desired, along with providing facilities suitable for people who use wheelchairs. That's why, when West Park... More >


Pub in Bargoed gets green light thanks to acoustic insulation

A large pub-restaurant in Wales has been given the go-ahead, despite concerns about noise bothering local residents. The venue, which will also host live music events, is situated on High Street in the centre of Bargoed, in a building that used to be bank chambers. In addition to the... More >

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Is a wet room the right choice for my property?

When it comes to stylish bathrooms, less is generally more. After all, a minimalist design provides a sense of space and functionality, while a lack of clutter creates a place where a person can start and end their day with a clear mind. With this in mind, it's no wonder the wet room... More >

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Passive house standard mandatory for new builds in Dublin council

Earlier this year, a local authority in Dublin passed a historic motion, requiring that all new buildings meet strict passive house standards or equivalent. As part of the county development plan for 2016-22, the new requirement will help to ensure that all new-build homes across the... More >

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