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Specialist property 'set to gain £15 billion of investment in 2017'

Specialist property projects such as hotels, student accommodation and private rental scheme (PRS) developments are set to receive £15 million of investor funding over the course of this year, according to property firm Knight Frank's annual report. Speaking at the launch of the report in... More >

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Insulated home created through 3D printing

The development of 3D printing has been one of the most remarkable technological innovations of recent times. A whole array of items, products and innovations have been produced in a manner that might have been thought of as pure science fiction by a previous generation. At times, it has seemed as... More >

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Labour pledges to build on council record of housebuilding

Shadow housing minister John Healey has said a Labour government will deliver more new housing than a Conservative one, citing the higher number of homes being constructed in Labour-run local authorities. Labour Party research based on figures produced by the House of Commons Library have shown the... More >

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Going green in a Lancashire development

Building more homes across the UK is a major priority that has received plenty of public and government attention in recent years. With the Conservatives setting a target of one million homes between 2015 and 2020, 200,000 were needed a year. So far, the numbers built have fallen short, although... More >

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Tackling the housing problems of Cambridgeshire

While the media is in a frenzy over the upcoming general election on June 8th, before then there will be more votes taking place on May 4th. Apart from the now-cancelled parliamentary election in Manchester's Gorton constituency, these votes will still go ahead as normal, despite the snap poll.... More >

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Housing plan gets go-ahead from inspector

While the government may have entered the current parliament with plans to build a million homes over five years - a plan that will need to be updated in its manifesto this time - the process of delivering those homes will always have a distinctly local element, as councils across the country work... More >

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Major cities 'top construction skills wish list'

London and Manchester are two of the locations in greatest need of construction skills, a new survey has revealed. Specialist construction and rail recruitment firm One Way has carried out a survey of the level of need for specialist construction skills, with the two city regions leading the way as... More >

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Major insulation and waterproofing work to accompany Thames tunnel project

There are already some tunnels under the River Thames, as motorists using the Blackwall Tunnel and pedestrians who have crossed through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel will know, but the biggest river crossing of all is now due to be built. Unlike the other road, Tube, train and pedestrian crossings... More >

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Insulation may be issue as Liverpool reaches for the sky

In recent years the number of skyscrapers in Britain has grown rapidly. While London now has one building over 1,000 ft tall and more planned, Manchester is in the throes of its own boom and other tall buildings are popping up in big cities across Britain. Liverpool might have been relatively slow... More >

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Contractor chosen to deliver M&E package in Birmingham apartments development

A specialist electrical and mechanical services contractor has been selected to deliver the wet rooms, shower lining and other water and electrical facilities in a new apartment development in the heart of Birmingham. J S Wright has been selected for the task by Galliford Try, which is the main... More >

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Student flats project set to start with phase 1 deal signing

The construction of student accommodation has been a major growth area for the construction sector, and not just builders dealing in cranes, bricks and mortar. Each new student block means work for insulation fitters as well as those providing waterproofing for showers and basements. All that will... More >

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Building green homes 'difficult as material prices rise'

The UK faces a major new potential problem with building enough homes - and it isn't land-banking, nimbyism or a failing housing market. Instead, it appears a combination of rising material prices and strict regulations introduced last year requiring that all new homes be carbon-neutral could... More >

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Landlords urged to fit insulation - or risk prosecution

The issue of energy efficiency in homes has been a major concern for householders, policymakers and energy firms alike, with legislation now in place designed to make privately rented homes more energy efficient. Fitting good insulation is one very effective way to achieve this goal. From April 1st... More >

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New kit homes come with built-in insulation

The need to tackle Britain's housing crisis is well known, with communities secretary Sajid Javid unveiling a white paper in February containing a range of proposals for getting more homes built up and down the country. However, while governments might make big efforts to speed up the building... More >

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Tall buildings contractor wins Greater Manchester contract

The task of constructing and fitting out tall buildings can require a number of specialised skills in construction, design and materials. All of these are much in demand at present around Manchester and Salford, where a large number of taller structures are now being built, or are planned for the... More >

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Major insulation jobs in offing after big housing contract wins

There will be plenty of work to keep insulation and waterproofing fitters busy in London after construction firm Galliford Try won two large contracts. It has been able to celebrate its largest ever deal in the south-east of England, with the £128 million deal to carry out phase two of the... More >

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Could Britain be more energy-efficient post-Brexit?

Opponents of Britain's departure from the EU have cited a wide range of concerns, one of which has been that the UK will no longer be subject to European standards on environmental issues. This has led to some fearing that the government may use Brexit as an excuse for a bonfire of regulations,... More >

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Woolwich Arsenal to be turned into creative quarter

There are many buildings and sites around the country where the old purpose lapses and a new one is found after a major refurbishment. After all, there are former barns converted into homes, mills turned into office complexes and old railway station houses that become pubs. Even Battersea Power... More >

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