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Celebrity style inspiration for your wetroom

A wetroom can be a practical addition to any home. It offers easy access for those with decreased mobility, plus it's easier to clean and can save space in more modest-sized bathrooms. But it's not just a functional addition to your property - a wetroom can also bring a touch of spa-like luxury to your home, especially if you plan the decor accordingly.

Designing an attractive wetroom is easier said than done, however, and if you don't have a designer's eye for detail you may find it difficult to get the elegant appearance you were aiming for. If that's the case, it might be a good idea to see how other people have decorated their bathrooms - and one great place for inspiration is celebrity loos. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • A skylight over the shower - According to Architectural Digest, Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi's shower has been positioned beneath a skylight, flooding the space with plenty of natural light. Decorator Melina Ritz made the most of the bright room by using stone floor and wall tiles in light grey tones.
  • Lots of detail - Modern bathrooms tend to have minimalist designs with clean, straight lines. But that's not the only option. For example, in Cher's villa in Malibu California, the bathroom features Indian stone panels covered in intricate designs, as well as wooden furnishings with inlaid decorations.
  • Period decor - If you're adding a wetroom to an older property, it might be tempting to use contemporary design features, but the results might be even more striking if you try to give a period look to the room. Singer Sheryl Crow's master bathroom includes a pedestal sink and black tile work that are all original to the house. A Persian rug finishes off the look. Meanwhile, Jane Fonda's bathroom, on a Ranch in New Mexico, includes architectural elements like exposed beams, arched doorways and a stone fireplace.
  • Plenty of light - When adding light to any room, you should remember to include all three types of illumination. There's general lighting, which provides the ambient light. Task lighting in a bathroom generally means lighting around the mirror and sink. Finally, there's accent lighting, which helps to create a visual point of interest. Project Runway judge Nina Garcia's bathroom includes ceiling lights, wall sconces and plenty of natural illumination from windows and a sliding glass door.
  • High-quality materials - Budget isn't much of a concern for celebrities, and the beautiful materials and craftsmanship really do provide a stunning finished appearance. In John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's Los Angeles home, the bathroom features cabinets made of rift-cut teak, dark stone floor tiles and an antique stone-top bench.
  • Elements from nature - Natural building materials like wooden cabinets and stone tiles will certainly make a bathroom feel more luxurious and organic, but try to think of other ways to include elements from nature. For example, Author Judy Blume's bathroom in Key West, Florida faces a slate wall with a waterfall style shower. The wall is also covered in flowers and live plants are used throughout the rest of the space.