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Energy minister discusses Green Deal with housing body

Government energy minister Greg Barker has visited a north-east housing association that is hoping to offer thermal insulation under the Green Deal.

Mr Barker met with Gentoo - which is one of the first organisations to become an accredited provider of the initiative - to find out how it is using the scheme to make homes more energy-efficient and reduce consumers' bills.

The politician also went to the houses of residents in Houghton-le-Spring who have taken advantage of the deal, to see whether their quality of living has been improved by the new heating systems.

Mr Barker stated the housing association is helping to raise awareness of the Green Deal, adding: "[It is] showing people how energy-efficient upgrades can improve the look and feel of their home,"

Gentoo published a report by the minister that summarised the progress of the 1,200 residences receiving help from the government initiative, which revealed 80 per cent of the households offered help had chosen to participate in the scheme.

The Green Deal is due to launch in January and provides individuals with the chance to heat their homes through energy-saving measures such as loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and double-glazing.

Posted by Rachel Jenkins