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ESOS 'is not a burden'

Businesses should not view a new energy-saving regulation with contempt, according to consultancy firm Utilyx.

Bosses there believe the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) could make a significant difference when it comes to helping companies identify where they are currently going wrong with their power consumption and what they can do to address the issue, Click Green reports.

Over 7,000 large organisations are obligated to conform to ESOS, meaning they are required to measure how much energy they use and conduct 'energy audits'. It's hoped this will enable them to identify new strategies that can allow them to become more efficient and reduce their utility bills by the end of 2015.

However, Utilyx is moving to reassure those responsible for carrying out such work that they don't need to panic, as a significant proportion of this task may have already been completed without them even realising.

The enterprise's head of consulting and strategy Caroline Pitt said: "Many organisations will have already done a lot of the hard work, so won’t need to waste time and money starting from scratch. Companies will benefit from taking a planned approach that not only ensures compliance, but cost savings too."

According to government estimates, ESOS could benefit the UK policy by approximately £1.9 billion between 2015 and 2030, although this figure is described as "conservative", so in theory it could be much more.

Ms Pitt urged managers not to feel "overwhelmed by red tape" and for the case of saving energy to be "raised up the corporate agenda".

However, identifying any opportunities for improvement is only the first step and companies should then be encouraged to act upon their findings by investing in measures that can improve their performance. The installation of solid wall insulation and similar courses of action have the potential to produce significant savings.

Posted by Paul Taylor