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Homes in Cardigan and Llanarth get £1.6 million Warm Homes funding

Ceredigion County Council has successfully secured £1.6 million from the Welsh Government's Warm Homes Arbed Scheme. The money will be used to improve homes in the Teifi Ward, Cardigan and Llanarth.

The government scheme has been implemented to help support the Welsh government in its commitments to reduce the impacts of climate change, tackle fuel poverty and boost economic development and regeneration in local communities. It takes a whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and has been particularly successful with harder-to-treat homes, such as those in need of solid wall insulation.

Commenting on the funding, councillor Rhodri Evans, cabinet member for lifestyle services and waste said he was delighted that the community would be benefiting from such a significant level of funding.

"Residents within the county face daily challenges in living in draughty and energy inefficient homes which are costly to heat," he said, adding that improvements made under the scheme would have a "substantial" impact on the warmth and comfort of residents and help to bring down energy bills.

Last year, funding was secured for similar projects. External solid wall insulation was installed on 109 properties in Cardigan and Llanarth, saving an estimated 1,207 tonnes of carbon. It also helped to reduce the amount of heat the homes lost during cold weather, meaning that the homes were more comfortable and heating costs were reduced by up to 40 per cent. The improvements also helped to reduce the risk of condensation and damp walls.

In addition, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) was appointed to provide energy advice and guidance to households that received energy efficiency measures or lived in the region. This part of the project resulted in several households receiving advice on subjects like debt, housing and heating system. Nearly 70 customers received energy saving advice, which helped the to save £35,575. Of the 51 clients involved, 92 per cent saw their financial situation improve as a result of the advice received.