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Insulation 'could cut energy bills by a third'

A campaign group has suggested that energy bills in Yorkshire could be cut by up to a third with effective insulation.

According to the Energy Bill Revolution, as much as £636 could be saved by households typically described as having a badly-insulated home.

That equates to an entire heating and hot water bill for seven-and-a-half months.

It comes after the government recently backed out of plans to provide funding to get more homes insulated properly, according to the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Around £1.2 million was due to be invested into eastern Leeds households by the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) last month, which would have helped 150 houses.

ECO generally obliges energy companies to make low-income homes more energy efficient, but those obligations were relaxed just a few weeks ago.

Now, their requirement to insulate 100,000 homes can be completed within four years, while 80,000 solid-wall insulations were done in 2012.

Posted by Helen Hughes