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London mayor fronts retrofit drive

The mayor of London has revealed details of a significant cash boost to the capital's residential properties, which will see older homes retrospectively fitted with energy-saving technology.

Thousands of houses are set to benefit as a result of the Decent Homes Funding programme, which has made £145 million available to help carry out the work required.

Boris Johnson described the initiative as "vital" and stated the scheme would go towards transforming some of the region's council estates and social housing that were "in need of urgent repair".

It is hoped the renovations will make it much easier for low-income families to be able to afford their energy bills, with the intended measures designed to reduce the consumption of gas and electricity of affected properties.

"Many families are also rightly concerned at the cost of their energy bills so I’m delighted to be able to put in place a programme of energy-saving measures for homes across the capital," Mr Johnson said.

More than a third (36 per cent) of CO2 emissions in the capital are produced by housing and the three-year retrofit programme is aiming to save 93,000 tonnes of carbon every year.

Among the measures being installed include insulation, boiler upgrades and heating improvements. Large landlords will be the predominant beneficiaries of the initiative, along with local authorities that own housing stock.

Funding allocation is decided via an application process, with interested parties having until September 19th to register their involvement. The winning bidders will then be announced in November.

The £145 million is on top of the £821 million provided by the Decent Homes programme, which is responsible for focusing on the transformation of social housing in the poorest areas of London between 2011 and 2015.

Recently, energy secretary Ed Davey announced that £10 million would be made available to businesses that could put together a case for how they could improve their energy efficiency.

Posted by Simon Webster