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Wall insulation 'more important than roof'

Wall insulation can significantly reduce the amount of heat lost from a home, it has been claimed.

In an article for the Daily News Miner, Cold Climate Housing Research Center describes how people often think the roof is where the most warmth is lost.

However, the organisation reminds people that due to the large surface area it is the building's brick exterior that needs to be given the most attention.

It explains that installing wall insulation can be the simplest way to retain heat.

"Re-insulating walls and adding additional insulation inside or outside can be done if proper techniques are incorporated," individuals are advised.

For those considering thermal insulation for their home, it recommends looking at improving the exterior partitions first as a lot of properties have "many times more heat loss through walls than through the roof".

A recent article by the Daily Mirror suggested that now is the ideal time for individuals to have insulation installed as demand is low before the winter months.