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London's Leading Supplier of Sound Insulation Materials

Offering a variety of sound insulation materials to builders, architects and contractors in London and across the UK.

If you are looking to design the plans for a new set of apartments, a new house, or are looking to refurbish a property for a customer in London, then sound insulation materials are a must. They minimise sound travelling between two floors, whether that is the second floor of a home, or between the floors of flats; sound insulation materials put between ceiling and floor will stop any issues in the future for landlords and homeowners having issues with loud tenants and loud family members. Sound insulation materials installed in the floor also provide waterproofing, decoupling and thermal insulation, as well as stopping any tiles laid on it from cracking due to movement, making them an excellent addition to any property.

To find out more about our sound insulation materials and other products then call us today on 01634 835290, or get in touch with us through our contact form to talk to one of our experienced team members about your latest London project.

Use sound insulation materials in your next London construction or building project

Trying to reduce the impact sound in homes is something that is often thought about after the fact, meaning people will have to put up with loud noises coming from the room above them until it can be rectified. Make sure you think about adding sound insulation materials into the homes and apartment buildings you are designing and building, and make sure that they are the leading product on the market. Marmox have been producing soundboards for customers for over 40 years and produce some of the industry standard products that are used across London, the UK and even into Europe.

Impact sound reduction products installed in homes and blocks of flats are shown to improve the quality of life of tenants and homeowners living there. Not only do impact sound reduction products help in terms of reducing sound, they are also proven to lower energy bills as they help to retain heat within the room they are installed.

High quality sound insulation materials available across London

Based in Chatham, Kent, we are perfectly placed to offer high quality sound insulation materials to architects, builders and contractors in London and across the UK. If you are carrying out a new building project in London, or want to know the very best ways to insulate future projects, then our catalogue of products will help in improving the service you will be able to give your customers.

If you're based in London and would like to learn more about our range of sound insulation materials, then call today on 01634 835290, or visit our contact page to send us a message and discuss your requirements with one of our professional team members. We will be more than happy to go through your newest project and advise you on the best sound insulation materials to buy.